Friday, October 24, 2008

Do You Remember...? and Free Dr. Pepper

It was 44 years ago tomorrow night (October 25th, 1964) that the Rolling Stones made their debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. The Stones' debut was nothing like the Beatles' celebrated first appearance the previous February, when they performed five songs. The Stones, who were on their second U.S. tour of the year, performed two songs in under seven minutes -- their latest hit "Time Is On My Side," and a cover of Chuck Berry's "Around And Around."

The Ed Sullivan Show wasn't the Stones' first U.S. TV performance. They had performed on Dean Martin's Hollywood Palace and The Mike Douglas Show during their first swing through the States the previous June. But it was during the Stones' 1964 Ed Sullivan Show performance that the majority of America got their first glimpse of the unruly Stones -- with Mick Jagger dressing down in a ragged sweatshirt and unwashed hair, and guitarist Brian Jones glaring menacingly toward the cameras.

The Rolling Stones eventually played The Ed Sullivan Show five more times, returning again in 1965, twice in 1966, once in 1967, and once in 1969.
The manufacturer of the Dr. Pepper soft drink is making good on an offer to provide a free can of soda to every person in the U.S. if the new Guns N' Roses album, Chinese Democracy, were to come out before the end of 2008. With the disc now scheduled to arrive on November 23rd, the soda company has issued details of its offer. According to, fans who visit on the date of the record's release can register online and receive a coupon good for one 20-ounce Dr. Pepper, good wherever the drink is sold. The coupon will only be available for 24 hours and will expire on February 28th.

The first single off the album also titled, Chinese Democracy was released early this week. To be frank... it stinks on ice! I'm not gonna lie, if the rest of the album is this bad, then my official stands on the new Guns N' Roses will be that their career is "in the toilet..."

Judge for yourself... Check out the new tune here...

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