Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Really? Again???

Coldplay is being accused of plagiarism yet again. The latest accusation comes from 1970s rocker Yusef Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens. He's claiming the British rockers ripped off his song, "Foreigner Suite" in their hit "Viva La Vida." Islam tells Britain's Sun tabloid that the song's melody resembles his own 1973 tune. The band also already faced legal action from guitarist Joe Satriani who had a similar complaint about "Viva La Vida." Now Islam says, "There's been this argument about Coldplay stealing this melody from Joe Satriani, but, if you listen to it, it's mine! It's the 'Foreigner Suite.'"

More on this @ 5:15 today During the EHM Daily Music Notes...

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