Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love one of a kind items...

Former Beatles manager Brian Epstein's personal copy of the group's first management contract is expected to sell for around $475,000 at an auction next month in London, BBC News reports. The 1962 document was signed by all four musicians, as well as George Harrison and Paul McCartney's fathers, as George and Paul were under 21 at the time and needed parental consent. Ringo Starr signed under his real name, Richard Starkey. Epstein didn't sign the contract himself until eight months later, after he'd fulfilled his promise to get the group a recording deal.

The contract states that Epstein was entitled to 25 percent of the Beatles' earnings, provided they made 200 pounds per week. His duties included all publicity for the group as well as advising them on clothing, makeup, and "construction of the artists' acts."

Other items up for bid in the September 4th auction include a grand piano used in the recording of The White Album and Hey Jude, which is expected to sell for close to $760,000. The lyrics to "Sexy Sadie," hand-engraved onto a piece of wood by John Lennon while in India in 1968, are expected to fetch a little over $100,000.
Steve Winwood says that he may team up once again with Eric Clapton -- if the aging rock stars can get a little rest. He tells the Edmonton Sun, "We've both got a busy schedule in the summer. Since we're both getting on (in years) now, we've decided we need a bit of rest after that. So we'll take a breather and perhaps think of doing something after that."

Winwood's busy schedule includes opening for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' current summer tour. Which I had the pleasure of seeing first hand and both acts were fantastic. One of the best shows I've ever seen! And when Winwood came back out on Stage with TP & The Heartbreakers'... Holy $h!t...

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