Thursday, November 13, 2008

God I love HBO!!

A television series based on the early life of Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis is being developed for HBO, according to Variety. The series, which Kiedis is working on with producers Marc Abrams and Michael Benson, is tentatively titled Scar Tissue. Although Kiedis' 2004 memoir had the same title, the series will focus on his childhood while the book was more about his experiences as a successful rock star with the Chili Peppers.

The producers are currently looking for a writer to tackle the pilot script. The series will reportedly be centered around Kiedis' relationship with his father, John, who was allegedly a drug dealer for acts like the Who and Led Zeppelin under his stage name, Blackie Dammett. The show will kick off with Kiedis moving from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he lived with his mother, to Los Angeles to join his dad.

Kiedis told Variety about his father, "He introduced me to the arts, to a more culturally magnificent life. But some of it was this heavy, adult matter that I wasn't quite capable of digesting... It was a very rich but kind of challenging period of my life. I was thrust into this adult mentality by age 11."

The show will take place in the West Hollywood and Los Angeles of the early Seventies. Kiedis plans to be heavily involved with the show and has been gathering memories of their life together from his father, who now lives in Portland, Oregon. Kiedis may also make cameos in the show or possibly narrate it.

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