Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Grateful Movie

Bob Dylan, Neil Young and the Jefferson Airplane have signed on to provide music for the upcoming Grateful Dead biopic, according to Rolling Stone. The film, which is still in preproduction, is based on roadie Steve Parish's 2003 memoir Home Before Daylight: My Life On The Road With The Grateful Dead. Bob Weir has signed on to supervise the music for the film, and the shortlist of directors for the film include Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Jonathan Demme and Larry Charles.

Parish says that close friend Jerry Garcia would absolutely approve of the band's story being told on the big screen: "Jerry always talked about movie making. We always talked about doing projects. Jerry was really into movies. He loved films, old ones, strange ones."

Producer Stephen Emory shed some light on the film, saying, "It was a great time for the band and the country. It goes from 1967, when Steve signed on with the band, and runs through the next ten years. It has all the pain, love, and the brotherhood. I don't want to get into the heroin problems and darker responsibilities that happened later."

Parish says that he and Weir are playing the standard waiting game filmmakers always endure before a film gets 'greenlit': "Bob and I are waiting. It's like standing on ice blocks."

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