Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tonight Show messing with the Boss

Steve Van Zandt has hinted that Max Weinberg may be sitting out some of the upcoming Bruce Springsteen shows. Weinberg has yet to announce whether he'll be on hand during Springsteen's European shows which kick off two nights before Conan O'Brien starts his new stint as the host of The Tonight Show in L.A. Van Zandt told Rolling Stone, "We're still figuring that out. We'll see. I think Max will be there for most of it. I just got home from Europe, so I haven't even talked to Max to see what the latest news is. I know he was very much trying to figure it out."

He went on to explain, "Max will be fine until the beginning of the show on June 2nd. After that, we'll see. I'm sure Max will be there for most, if not all of the tour. He's as dedicated as it gets. I used to have to fly home every day off and film The Sopranos. He may have to do something like that. Conan, it must be said, has been tremendous. Once that second banana (former sidekick Andy Richter) split, I started to get concerned. I was like 'Uh-oh. Now Max is not only the music director, he's also the second banana.' That's a huge role to play."

When pressed as to whether Springsteen and Weinberg have considered who would fill in for Weinberg should he sit out various shows -- or even legs of the tour -- Van Zandt said, "No names have come up yet. I don't know if it's quite at that stage."
One of the most eagerly awaited tracks of unreleased Beatles music has leaked online. The nearly 11-minute outtake of 1968's "Revolution 1" as featured on the band's "White Album" -- which served as the bridge between the "slow" album version of the song and John Lennon and Yoko Ono's experimental aural sound collage "Revolution 9" -- has been leaked online and on YouTube.

The song, subtitled "Remix 1 of Take 20" was recorded on June 4th, 1968, and begins with Lennon saying, "Take your knickers off and let's go."

Although most of the YouTube links have been ordered to be taken down featuring the full 11-minute version, you can find a two-part version of the song posted by user KatMak21 or by searching under the words "Beatles Revolution 20."

Why didn't I just post it up here? Because Anthony's in enough trouble and I don't want to be sued. Happy Hunting...

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