Monday, March 9, 2009

Bruce Exhibit, Allmans kick of bacon... uh I mean Beacon

A special Bruce Springsteen exhibit will open at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio on April 1st. The display, called "From Asbury Park to the Promised Land: The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen," will include various memorabilia from the Boss, including the Fender Esquire guitar that appears on the cover of Born To Run, the outfit he wore on the cover of Born In The U.S.A., as well as handwritten lyric manuscripts, posters, handbills and various awards. The exhibit will be open through spring 2010. Springsteen's manager Jon Landau tells, "Once (Bruce) knew this was real, that it would really happen, he wanted it to have as much depth as it could possibly have. He is fully behind this exhibition and the effort the museum has made to really get things right." Landau says Springsteen will likely visit the exhibit after the official opening.
The Allman Brothers Band kick off their "March Madness" run at New York City's Beacon Theater tonight (Monday, March 9th). This year, the band has extended the residency to 15 shows, wrapping on March 28th. The Allmans plan to bring on special guests, as well as perform some new material. Each three-hour concert will pay tribute to late lead singer Duane Allman, who died in 1971.

They were forced to cancel the annual concerts last year while Gregg Allman underwent difficult treatment for Hepatitis C. He tells us about coping with the side effects of the medication he had to take: "I've never done that. Had it not been a total emergency I wouldn't have done it this time, but I just flat couldn't make it. When you take this stuff, you might as well plan on staying home."

For the first time, the Allmans will be streaming the shows online at There's a $125 fee to view the shows. Allman says he has recovered fully from Hepatitis C.

This year marks the band's 40th anniversary.

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