Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dead View

The Dead's Bob Weir and Phil Lesh were joined by touring bandmember Warren Haynes yesterday (March 30th) for their appearance on ABC's The View.

Weir explained that rather than let the 1995 death of bandleader Jerry Garcia sink in, he took solace in hitting the road and making music: "Well, that was a body-blow for sure. I, I know that I personally just went on the road and stayed on the road. That was my grieving process. Y'know, 'cause he was a dear, dear, friend a brother, all that kind of stuff. A loss like is tough to. . . So like I said I went on the road and stayed on the road. (Joy Behar): You just kept moving. (Bob Weir): Yeah."

The scaled down Dead performed one of Garcia's best-loved songs from the group's 1971 American Beauty album -- "Friend Of The Devil."

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