Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My 2nd Christmas

March 4th is a pretty significant day in the life of your ol' pal Anthony... And believe it or not it has nothing to do with music... or food. I know, its shocking. But it actually comes from my third love. Hockey!

Today is the trading deadline in the National Hockey League and nothing is more exciting for me. Now you may be asking yourself why...

Well I'm a die hard Islanders fan. So there isn't much else for me to be excited about. And the new U2 record came out yesterday, so that excitement is over with. With nothing going on in the music world, my complete focus is on the NHL today.

I couldn't even explain to you why I love trades, but there is just something so exciting about seeing a player fight for one team, get moved and have to fight for another team. And it brings me and my friends together, texting and calling all day long to try and be the first person that hears of a deal and passes it on to everyone else.

So while you guys are working today, I'll be in front of a TV and the computer, scanning millions of websites to see not only what my favorite team is doing to improve itself but also to see the superstars of this wonderful game move their entire life to a new location.

Obviously if you're one of the many that visits this blog everyday you might think this is a weird post. Or that I'm the only one that goes this crazy over an insignificant event. Well check out Islanders Point Blank. Its a blog run by my former employer, Chris Botta, who was the GOD of the Public Relations department for the New York Islanders for a long time. There you'll find a rich community of Long Islanders, and people across the country that just thirst for information about their favorite team. And Chris, does an incredible job and delivering that information.

We will definitely return to music news tomorrow, and if anything breaks here today I'll be sure to post it as soon as it happens, but for today, while I've gotten you to read this far let me mention this as a closing argument.

I believe that we are in jeopardy of losing our only professional franchise here on Long Island. The Islanders need the Lighthouse Project to be approved desperately in order to keep them here. Even if you're not a fan of the Islanders or hockey, this still should appeal to you if you're a Long Islander. I'm a proud Long Islander and I don't want to see my only pro franchise leave because our local government was too stupid to let them go.

Please visit the Lighthouse Project website and pledge your support. It only takes two minutes.

Thanks guys and gals! As always, us passionate music fanatical Long Islanders must stick together!

And in closing, because I hate to lose ANY listeners.... Connecticut rules!

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