Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Always keep your head on a swivel...

I think this is hysterical... Keep in mind I found this at 4 o'clock in the morning when I couldn't sleep. Watch as Oasis comes under attack. That's what happens when you tour in a rough and tough location like Toronto... watch this video starting at 1:20 in, Noel Gallagher goes down like a ton of bricks... Then when you think that it can't get any funnier, keep watching closely as this psycho turns and starts to go after Liam Gallagher... He doesn't make it but the punch that Liam attempts to throw is also very funny.

This story won't go away... Normally I'm ignoring all of the Led Zepplin reunion rumors because I'll believe it when I see it, but I decided to pass this one on because it has legitimate quotes in it. Basically Jimmy Page downplayed his recent sessions with John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham, explaining that the trio are not working up new material for an upcoming Led Zeppelin reunion album. Rolling Stone reported that on Saturday, Page appeared at the Toronto International Film Festival's press conference for the guitar documentary It Might Get Loud, which features him, Jack White, and the Edge.

Page dodged various questions about a Zeppelin reunion, but when asked point blank about the recent sessions -- which did not include Robert Plant -- Page reiterated that the Zeppelin reunion had already occurred at the one-off concert at London's O2 Arena last December: "We're not actually recording. Playing at the O2, that was our reunion and it was one day and it was at the O2 in London, and basically that was it because if you're going to do a reunion, you need four members. John Paul Jones, myself and Jason would sort of jam afterwards but it was nothing as monumental as people are speculating."

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