Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday! Friday! Friday! Is Live Broadcast Day!!!

I don't know about you but I'm definately ready for this weekend...

Don't forget to stop by and check out the live broadcast today at Rowdy Hall!!!

Here's directions:

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OK on to music news...

If I could actually, physically kick myself in the face I would today, for missing the latest Dave Matthews Band show in which they headlined a benefit Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City. According to, the event raised funds for the Stand Up for a Cure organization, which raises money for cancer and HIV/AIDS research, among other causes. Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, clad in a Barack Obama T-shirt, brought Matthews and co on-stage, saying, "I cannot tell you how excited I am to be in the greatest city in the world to introduce one of the greatest bands of the world!"

The two-and-a-half hour set featured DMB standards like "Ants Marching" and "Two Step," a cover of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer," (can't believe I missed this) a guest appearance by singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson taking Alanis Morisette's part on the great ballad "Spoon," (seriously can't believe I missed this) and guitar work from Matthews' longtime collaborator Tim Reynolds.

Referring to LeRoi Moore, who died last month from complications due to an ATV accident, Matthews told the crowd, "We've had to great honor of playing this room a few times in the past, but this is the first time without our good friend LeRoi Moore. We want to salute him. We miss you very much, LeRoi." The audience responded with a standing ovation and chants of "LeRoi! LeRoi! LeRoi!"
Oasis or as I like to refer to them as Wussie-Oasis scrapped the final show of its North American tour, scheduled for tonight in New York City, because guitarist Noel Gallagher can't take a push, and is still suffering the after-effects of an attack that occurred onstage last Sunday in Toronto.(See my Tuesday, September 9th update below for the video of this incident) 47-year-old Daniel Sullivan shoved Gallagher into a stage monitor, bruising the guitarist's ribs and hip, during the band's set at the Virgin Mobile Festival. A show earlier this week in London, Ontario was also canceled. Sullivan was charged with assault and is due back in court October 24th.
It could only happen in rock and roll: Diehard Who fan Mark Wilkerson had a ton of unanswered questions about Pete Townshend and decided to collect everything he could on the Who's leader and write his own book. Townshend was so impressed with the results -- that he actually pitched in.

Wilkerson, who's an airplane mechanic, spent eight years writing and researching Who Are You: The Life Of Pete Townshend. He poured over Townshend's numerous interviews, and talked to many of Townshend's closest friends, family members, and colleagues before self-publishing the book in 2005. Townshend eventually got involved and granted Wilkerson a long and exclusive interview.

Fans can order Who Are You: The Life Of Pete Townshend directly through For more information on the book, log on to

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